From the Friend

I have decided to index each talk/activity into categories for easy use and to see all the treasure the Friend holds. These are all in alphabetical order.

         These are color coded: 
       -BLUE= STORY

Matt and Mandy
Always Ready
Niya's Choice
Decide Right Now

Article of Faith 11 Crossword
Article of Faith 7
The Articles of Faith
Article of Faith 13 Fill in Blank
Article of Faith 1
Article of Faith 2
Article of Faith 12
Article of Faith 5
Article of Faith 8
Article of Faith 11 Crossword
Article of Faith 4 Springy Mobile (COOL!)
Article of Faith 9
Article of Faith 10
All Because a Child Knew the Articles of Faith
Article of Faith 6
Article of Faith 4
Article of Faith 3

The Beautiful Day - 2 activities along with it

Right Side Up
Making a Great Day

My Big Decision
The Day I Really Felt Loved (Baptism Gifts from Heavenly Father)
All Clean
When I am baptized, I make a covenant with God
Fill the Font
The Two-Month Wait
A Baptism Blessing
A Day to Remember
Clean Again (LOVE--- refers to renewing covenants with sacrament)

The Blessing Cantaloupe
Count Your Blessings

The Book of Mormon
Fiction or Non-Fiction?
The Book of Mormon Teaches of Jesus Christ
Book of Mormon Feast
King Lamoni's Sheep
The Book of Mormon: Our True Guide
Lehi and Nephi Learn about Jesus Christ
Nephi's Courage
King Benjamin's Tower
King Benjamin Teaches the Nephites (picture story)
The Brother of Jared
A Special Birthday Gift
King Benjamin Addresses the People
Lehi's Dream Picture Story
Book of Mormon Military
Finding King Lamoni's Sheep
Captain Moroni
The Scriptures Are the Word of God
Enos Repents
Samuel the Lamanite - picture story
Lehi's Dream Cut-outs
Fiction or Nonfiction?

Alma and Amulek's Mission to Ammonihah
Abinadi and King Noah
Heather Father Commands Nephi to Build a Ship
Ammon, A Great Servant
The Zoramites and the Rameumptom
Samuel the Lamanite
Jesus Heals the Sick and Blesses the Children
Jaredites are led to the Promised Land
The Book of Mormon, A Gift from Heavenly Father
Moroni and the Book of Mormon Promise

BRIGHT IDEA (Mormon ads but for Primary)
Take My Hand
You are not invisible
Peace, Be Still
Rejoice in Christ
The Song of the Righteous
No Greater Joy
Let the Woods
Good Neighbors
Never Lost When See the Temple
Do All Things
Let your light so shine
Prepare for Service
Be of good cheer
Take my hand. Hold on tight.
Be Strong and of Good Courage

To the Children of the Church ( WOW!!!)
As a Child of God
Guiding You Home
Who are your guides?
All Dressed Up - includes a "where's waldo" game
An Important Similarity
One in a Million!
Canaries with Gray on Their Wings

Looking to see the Savior
The Gift
Catching Christmas
Christmas Bark Painting
The Christmas Tree- & a recipe for handmade ornaments
Twelve Days until Christmas-scroll to bottom (egg carton w/ small gifts)
Christmas ABCs (SWEET!!)
Sharing Christmas
The Lights of Christmas
The Christmas Story
Christ is Born
Nativity Cut-outs
I will Follow Jesus Christ

CTR Game
Choose the Best
Nephi was blessed by Choosing the Right
Choose the Right Matching Game (LOVE) - Go HERE for instructions
Even though Everyone Else Is Doing It
How can I stay safe from the bad things in the world?
Choosing to Choose the Right
Decide Right Now
Making Things Right

Alexis Says a Prayer
Matt and Mandy

A Covenant People

Jesus Christ created the Earth
Heavenly Father’s Creations
All the things you see today
Are the creations of the Lord.
It might take your breath away,
But He created the world.
He made all the planets
Up in outer space.
He made Adam and Eve,
Who began the human race.
He made the land and the ocean
That hold many creatures.
He made the sun, the rain, the clouds,
And every detail and feature.
He made the swampy marsh and bayou,
The low valleys and tall hills.
He made the flowers and grassy plants,
And the trusty grain from mills.
Everything that surrounds you
Has been built by Him, you know.
Why did He do this, you might ask?
Because He loves all souls.
Jesus Christ Created the Earth for me
I Didn’t Know by Jacob R.
I didn’t know I loved the feeling of the ice-cold breeze
blowing in my face.
I didn’t know I loved the smell of the crisp,
clean air after a snowstorm.
I didn’t know I loved the feeling of the cold snow melting
from the warmth of my hands.
I didn’t know I loved seeing the white, powdery snow
being shuffled by the people who walk in it.
I didn’t know I loved feeling calm, but freezing,
as I walk through powdery snow.
I didn’t know I had so much love
for the amazing world God gave us.

What Heavenly Father Created by Solveig H.
He created the sun,
He created the stars,
He created the moon,
And each thing that is ours.
He created the creatures
That walk on the earth;
He created good parents
That love us from birth.
He created the mountains,
He created the sea,
And best of all,
He created me!
Planting Flowers  Hidden Pictures

Matt and Mandy- Celebrate at Easter
He sent His Son: The Story of Easter
Easter Activities
Easter Week
The Empty Tomb - Connect the Dots/Color
Hosanna!- Put events in order
Matt and Mandy- You really believe
Easter Footsteps

Learn! - fill in the blank activity


Jana's Good Example

Family Fun Hidden Pictures
Be a Family Builder
Missing Dad - divorce
The Lookout Girls
Family Picnic Hidden Pictures
The Most Special Day
Will you Help me... hidden pictures
A Family Hike Hidden Pictures
A Soft Answer
The Most Important Job
I am a Daughter of God. Who can be my role model as I grow up?
Family Wordsearch
Time for Annie
The Sticker Book/Stickers - earning money and saving
Part of the Family - adoption

The Best Night - LOVE, great story!

Praying for David

Faithful Friends
Being a Friend for Jesus
Rachel and Me
Loving My Neighbor Cynthia
Inviting Jacob
Friends and Best Friends
Along Came Forrester
What to Do with Friends
Joseph's New Friend
Can't We Be Friends
Bald Heads and Buddies

Journals from the Past
Family History Fun
The Heart of the Children
To Save Our Ancestors

Conference Spotlight Cards 
Conference Spotlight Cards 2

A Faithful Finish
All the Way to Chicago 

Profanity -Those Words
Cheating- Matt and Mandy
Sabbath Day Holy- Honors (great story!)
Listening to Good Music- Music for the Heart
Swearing- Josh and the Dragon
Honesty- Annie's Spelling Test
Internet Safety- Crash and Tell
Modesty- Hannah's New Dress
Judging- Sarah's Shoes
Follow the Path
Honor Parents-Talk Time
How can the gospel help me be happy?
Media- In the Zone
Honesty- Trust and the Truth
Follow the Path
Gospel Standards Poster
Honesty- The Stolen Purse
Modesty- Remembering Modesty
Choose the Right Media
Gospel Standards Crossword

My Heart is Happy

Who is Heavenly Father?
Heavenly Father's Many Blessings
My Heavenly Father (scroll down) - Heavenly Father watches over us
Trust in the Lord

Going on an Errand for the Lord
The Parable of the Anthill and the Cell Phone
If I Listen with My Heart
The Spirit by Caitlyn C.
Each time I get a blessing, I feel the Spirit near.
I hear the comforting words from my Father dear.
He teaches me what’s right, and how to live a good life,
But most of all He teaches me that He really lives.
The Spider and the Still, Small Voice
Missionary to the Rescue - Great story!

Hidden Picture Activity
Honesty Quiz
Trust and the Truth
The Catcher's Mitt
Beeline to the Truth
Annie's Spelling Test
Tickets and the Truth
Matt and Mandy
Honesty Quiz

Building Wells
Presents for Princesses - LOVE

Jesus Is My Savior by Abby C.
Jesus is my Savior, I really truly know.
Jesus is my Savior, I love Him, love Him so.
Jesus is my Savior, I can really truly tell.
Jesus is my Savior, “I know, I know!” I yell.
Jesus is my Savior, I know He’s God’s Son.
Jesus is my Savior, to the little children He says, “Come, come.”
Jesus is my Savior, I love Him, love Him so.
Jesus is my Savior, I really truly know.
Jesus Chooses His Disciples
How Can I Follow the Savior?
Jesus Heals the Sick
Jesus Finishes His Mission Here on Earth
All Things Testify of Jesus
Life of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, Our Perfect Friend
Jesus Teaches How to Remember Him
Jesus Works Miracles
Jesus Teaches How to Treat Others
Trying to be like Jesus - Matt and Mandy
Jesus Blesses Children
Jesus Teaches about Finding Those Who are Lost
Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray
Jesus Christ's Twelve Apostles
He Came for Us
Spring's Promise
Teach all Nations
Jesus as a Child
Jesus Christ is the Perfect Example for Me
Jesus Begins His Ministry
Jesus Is Baptized
Following The Savior's Path
He Broke the Bands of Death
Where in the World?
Jesus is an Example for Me

Joseph Smith Poster
The Sacred Grove Hidden Pictures
Praise to the Man- activity about the song

Safe on the Sea
A Safe Crossing
The Apple Adventure - Stealing
Love One Another

Cookies for Charlie
A Time to Talk
Soft Answers and Muddy Paws
Beanbag Words
The Trouble with Chloe
Mikey and Miles
The Cookie Solution
The Power of Kind Words
Making Friends Around the World

Finding People to Teach
Missionary Roll Call
Missionary Maze
The Right Dress - includes a game board
Saving For My Mission
How can I be a Missionary now?
Missionary Game
I Can be a Missionary Now
Racing to Read
I Will Prepare
My Fishing Lessons
Where is Isabelle?

A Night for Courage
Pioneer Maze
Horseradish Heroes
Hyrum Smith
The Seagulls
Pioneer Message
Matt and Mandy
A Walk around Nauvoo
Sea Gulls and Crickets

What can I do to follow Heavenly Father's plan for me?
I will Follow God's Plan
Plan of Salvation Scripture Matching

Listen for His Voice
Special Words (good story for "why do we use special words" when saying our prayers)
He Is There
Stones, Arrows and Snowballs
The Activity Day Answer
Remembering to Pray
Daniel's Example of Prayer - game included for being a good example
Where's Tessa?
Matt and Mandy - great little dialogue on importance of doing the work and praying
A Prayer for Safety
He Is There
In Nature - connect the dots
I Can Pray to Heavenly Father
The Spelling Bee
My Little Prayer
Finding the Way Back
The Fast-Offering Dime - amazing story!
A Simple Prayer - story dialogue
A Hug for Jennifer
Matt and Mandy  - love the perspective of this!
Prepare and Pray
What Scared the Barnyard Roosters
Praying with Patience
Wilford's Prayer

Healing among the Zunis
Eli's Operation

Sharing Time Hidden Pictures
How do I build a spiritual foundation?

Teaching Our Children to Love the Prophets
Prophets Speak for Heavenly Father
A Prophet
A Prophet's Errands
A Missionary Name Wilford Woodruff-PT1
A Missionary Name Wilford Woodruff-PT2
A Missionary Name Wilford Woodruff-PT3
Presidents of the Church Maze
Kindness to All Creatures - story from the life of President David O. McKay
General Authorities
Picturing the Prophet
The Best Brigham Young

CTR Pretzels
Fruit and Veggie Butterflies
Peppermint Cocoa, Christmas Lemonade, Dutch Spice Bread
Thankful Cookies
Apple Grins
Crispy Chips
Multiple-Choice Snacks
Veggie Bug
Pioneer Pudding
Fruit Sushi
Bunny Buns
Confetti Pizza Pie
In-a-Hurry Cookies
Taco in a Bowl

What is Repentance?

What blessings do we receive through the restored church?

Jonah's Reverent Shirt
Reverence Jar
I can show Reverence

I fold my arms
And bow my head;
Then the sacrament prayer is said.
I open my eyes
And then look up,
And after the bread I drink water
From a little plastic cup.
I try to think
Of how Jesus died,
Sacrificed His life
For all mankind.
I picture His hands
Pierced, bleeding, and sore.
A crown of thorns
On His head He wore.
And now I think
As I take the sacrament’s drink
How Jesus, our Savior,
Died for us,
That we might live again.
Sariah J.

John the Baptist
Animal Scriptures and Letter Square
Studying the Scriptures
Old Testament Who Am I?
What can I learn from the scriptures?
Scripture Matching & Epistles in the New Testament
Noah Warns the People
The Scriptures are the Word of God
Bible People with Great Faith
Scripture Color-by-Number
Truth Revealed
Moses Leads the Children of Israel
Spot the Differences
Find the Hidden Treasure
How the Lord Blessed the Children of Israel
Scripture Matching - little maze AWESOME! (Scroll to the bottom)
Why is it important to read the scriptures?
Sammy's Scriptures

Baseballs and Service
A Birthday Wish Fulfilled
Baseballs Maze
Acuma and the Kiva (touching, very touching, great story!)
Chocolate Cake
A Great Saturday
Helping Like Jesus
Darren's Friend
Winter Service Hidden Pictures
When We're Helping, We're Happy
Why is it Important to Serve Others?
Showing Love
Serving Others Hidden Pictures
We Served Too Matching Game
We'll Carry You!
Going the Extra Mile
Going on an Errand for the Lord

Lily's Sunday Morning
Program Jitters -also has suggestions for preparing for the Primary Program
The Dinner Game
Happy in the Gospel
Going to Church

The Calling

Gaining a Testimony
My Testimony of the Book of Mormon
How I Gained a Testimony
Testimony in Translation
Daddy, Tell Him the Truth
The Red Marble

I can prepare to be worthy to go to the temple
Temple Cards
Why is the Temple Important?
Preparing to Do Baptisms for the Dead
Temple Words
Together Forever -story dialogue (good) and 2 activities
Temple Bookmark
Temple Blessings
The Temple by Sariah F.
The temple is a holy place
Where people like to go.
There is an angel Moroni
So high up in the sky.
The walls are made of granite,
So beautiful and white.
I feel so very special
When I am in its light.
Ready to Go
Worthy of the Temple (includes activity with the Bishop's door)
A Special Day (includes framed coloring temple)

Just One Coin
Five Little Fish
How Tithing is Used

Matt and Mandy

Taking Care of Me
A Healthy Body
My Body is a Temple
Living the Word of Wisdom

Puzzles and Games
Word Scramble
January 2012 Bulletin Board  (Recipe, Activity for Word of Wisdom, Journal Junction)
Pinewood Derby Hidden Pictures
February 2012 Bulletin Board ( Heart Wreath, Journal Junction, Missionary Moments)
Follow the Lines
November 2011 Bulletin Board (Recipe, Blessings Race, Journal Junction)
How to Draw like a Friend Artist
Welcome to Fall
Spot the Diffferences
Hidden Names
An Important Lesson hidden pictures
Say What? and Balloon Bounce
X Spells it Out
Hidden Message
Follow God's Pathway
Listen, Listen (song scramble) and What is it? (color hidden picture)
Crossword Shakeup
Word Puzzles
What Is This?
Say What? - answers
Word Scramble Jan 2012

Handy Resources for Primary: