After General Conference Soiree

The last little while I have been browsing and reading old Ensigns, I ran across a talk that has become near and dear to my heart. It's from Elder Neil L. Andersen in a 1996 Ensign... this little quote has inspired this whole thing for me.... For us as a group of blog followers, Facebook Fans, or just passer-bys  to discuss, follow, enrich the lives of those around us by what we have to say or feel about our beloved prophet and apostles, and their messages, Heavenly Father's messages, to us.

"Following conference, the messages of the prophets must continue to be utilized in our families... As we show our children our personal commitment to listen to and act upon the messages of the prophets, their faith grows in these servants of God."

I hope you will join me on this discussion to help make the conference talks become more utilized in our own homes and families. The messages from the October 2012 Ensign will be posted one talk a week on Fridays, beginning October 12th. Unless we can think of a better way to "forum" our thoughts, we'll be posting the comments below each post.

I would like to do a FHE lesson based on each speaker's talk.... each speaker's talk will be posted each Friday with a link to an FHE... We already have some amazingly talented gals doing some of the General Authorities, and now I'm offering them to you. To help us and/or to expose your own blog! These are the speakers that DO NOT have someone doing a FHE, I'll be adding the "other speakers" right after Conference. Please comment below with your email and which speaker you'd like to do, or you can also Facebook message me, if you would like to participate and I'll get you on the sign-up sheet and let you know when your week is next.

Elder Robert D. Hales
Elder Craig C. Christensen
Elder Shayne M. Bowen
Elder Larry Echo Hawk
Elder Robert C. Gay
Elder Scott D. Whiting
Sister Linda K. Burton
Elder Walter F. Gonzalez
Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe
Elder Marcus B. Nash
Elder Daniel L. Johnson
Elder Don R. Clarke

Here's the schedule, the week each speaker will be posted. Thank you so much to all those that are participating, if you're interested in doing an FHE, please let me know which speaker(s) you would like.

Elder M. Russell Ballard
Elder L. Tom Perry
Sister Ann M. Dibb
Sister Linda S. Reeves