Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Study Guide: The Good Samaritan

I learned so much about the Good Samaritan as I studied this parable from many different sources. The most poignant and endures this story more to me that I hadn't known before was that it is an allegory for the Plan of Salvation. It was a must for my study notebook and I hope you find it as useful because it takes up a bit of the study guide. I just felt that it needed to be included in its entirety.

Addresses to add to your study:
The Pathway of Discipleship - Neal A. Maxwell 
Your Jericho Road - Thomas S. Monson
Try, Try, Try - Henry B. Eyring
Wounded - Neil L. Andersen

Tell the story of the Good Samaritan with your family or Primary with these fun cut-outs!

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