Friday, February 8, 2019

Study Guide: Jesus Christ was Tempted

I am so grateful to be on this journey with you, as I have taken the opportunity to delve deeper into the New Testament, I stand amazed at the lessons and teachings of this beautiful book and the opportunities to learn from its sacred pages many years after its writing.
I am grateful for the Spirit that testifies to me of the truthfulness of principles and doctrines of this text.
In my preparations for this week's postings, I hadn't anticipated preparing a study guide for this topic, but my mind wouldn't stray from it. I have learned much from these verses of Jesus Christ being tempted.

I wanted to just take a moment to share one of my own personal thoughts during my studies.  
(Again, these are my own thoughts and impressions, these are NOT statements from the Church.)

I think of us and when we are in the temple we have the opportunity to be "with God". I'm am amazed by this, Jesus went away from the world to commune and be with God, to be taught by God. We can do this too by attending the temple. Just as we must return from temple so must Jesus. 
Temptation is an essential part of the Plan of Salvation in this probationary state and Jesus was subjected to the same laws and trials that we are. Satan tempted Jesus Christ to test His divinity, to prove it. What would have happened if Jesus didn't know of His divinity? 
If Jesus had turned the stones to bread, it would have shown doubt in His mind of His own divinity. This is a TOOL of Satan's, if he can attack and get us to doubt our own divinity, He can quickly make us doubt our purpose and question our choices.

The Temptations of Christ - Howard W. Hunter

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