Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Study Guide: Our Testimonies

This week, my family is focusing on testimonies and I couldn't get the thought of plant life out of my mind so we're going to learn about a life cycle of a plant and apply it to how our testimonies are just like trees. Testimonies do not start big but small and as it receives nourishment, it continues to grow. I decided to go through a bunch of talks about testimonies to create this study guide. As I read the words of the prophets, I know that we must have our own testimony to teach our children and it is a sacred opportunity to do so. I've included a blank page for your own study of testimony.

These are the talks that stood out to me during my study.

The Importance of Receiving a Personal Testimony -- Elder Robert D. Hales
Pure Testimony -- Elder M. Russell Ballard
How Firm a Foundation -- President Thomas S. Monson

Questions to start a discussion

What is a testimony?

How do you gain a testimony?

From whom do we receive a testimony? (The Holy Ghost)

Why is it important for each of us to have our own testimony of the gospel?

How do our testimonies grow?

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