Thursday, January 31, 2019

February Scripture Pocket Pals

Hello all! So after a month of using the New Testament Interactive Board, I've decided to change up the format a little for 2 reasons. 1) My family has rarely used the board, sad but true. It was just more convenient to talk about the lessons while we were driving, eating dinner, etc and the beautiful board just sat. 2) I wanted to make it easier to cut out, it took so long to cut out all the pieces and I wanted something faster so without further adieu...
I'm calling these Scripture Pocket Pals because they fit easily in pockets of diaper bags, church bags, in the cubby of the van, etc. My kids LOVE THEM! We've played matching games, finding games, dart games, and racing games it's been so much fun as we learn about the People, Places, and the Study Questions from the manual.

So what you'll need for these beautiful additions? A 3-inch punch. ( I really like this one, it doesn't snag as much as others I've tried.)

I apologize for the delay in their posting, I thought I had planned it out all spaced nicely but apparently not. I'll try and get March's out a lot sooner. Again, most of the information on the cards come from the Bible Dictionary. I did use a little bit of Jesus the Christ for some of the apostles' information.

Any feedback? What's working for you? What can I add to these fun cards? Send me a message on Facebook!

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