Saturday, January 12, 2019

January Topic Coloring Pages

My oldest son, who's almost turning 11, has started moaning about coming together to read the New Testament PLUS the Book of Mormon. He says that it's even more boring, so I asked him what we could do to help him to come willingly. You guys! He asked for those coloring pages with all the different shapes and things. DONE! I thought he'd for sure ask for more time on the Wii (completely not above bribery at this point). Stroke of genius I tell you, thank you, my son!!  I thought that maybe some of you are struggling with those pre-teens too.

I wanted to include on the page some small lessons that he could read about as we learn and study the New Testament so I included different parts that he could look up and study for each week. He saw them and put his stamp of approval with some of his own suggestions on the design or even designed himself!

Do you have a child like me? Please share your wisdom!

Download January's weekly topics below.

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