Wednesday, December 26, 2018

New Testament Interactive Board

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for your kind words and comments, I had no idea that this would receive so much love. For organizational purposes in the future (you can still download the current board things below the picture):
New Testament Study Guides
New Testament Pocket Printables (People, Places, Stories, Questions)
New Testament Inserts

I have been thinking a lot about how to best help my own family learn more about the New Testament. There will be so much more of our children's learning placed on us as parents than ever with just 2 hour church (YAY!) come January and the new curriculum for home-centered learning.

I asked feedback from several people on what to include on the board and if you have any ideas I'd love to help you create what you need. I created this for a project for school but I wanted to share with you all.

Did you know that you can get pocket-sized New Testaments? YES! I've ordered some for on the go and for the kids that don't have their own scriptures yet.

This project began as a way to teach Primary kids how to find scriptures. It seems we always spend more time with each helping them find the scriptures than actually reading the scriptures, but it's SO important for them to read from the scriptures. So I wanted to create a "pin the..." for a fun way to know how to find scriptures.

As the project morphed, I thought of using a large tri-fold board (28 inches x 40 inches) to incorporate everything and add some flannel to the back (thank you husband for that idea!) when we recreate the stories and to help protect the board so it will last.

Here's some pictures to give you an idea. Not everything is on the board because I ran out of ink. I'll update the post picture when I get the rest onto the board.

Supplies that you'll need:
- Printables
- Gospel Art Book
- Glue Stick
- Scissors
- Paper Slicer (optional)
- Contact Paper/ Laminator/Laminator Sheets
- Hole Punch
- Binder Rings
- Scrapbook paper/ letter envelopes (this is to make pockets for the people, places, stories, and study questions) - optional
- Felt (on the back) for character story telling

Included in the download is for the material in January.
Everything below is included in this download link.

For the Left Section: 
The binder rings have a bunch of study guides that I made in reading the Institute manual, David Ridges New Testament Made Easier, and the Bible Dictionary. Also on the binder rings are the Bible Maps that correlate with the New Testament (there are 3 of them)

My favorite of the study guides are the highlights. My husband asked for these to see all of the chapter summaries that you find on the when you click on the names of the different books. The boxes are from the summaries and then on the left, there's "fun facts" about the writer of the book (this information is from the Institute manual)
*Yes, I do intend to make a highlight page for each book of the New Testament.

Below the binder ring are the People, Places, Scripture Stories, and Study Questions from the New Testament. I think I'm going to make pockets out of scrapbook paper so I don't have to put more hooks on the board or just letter envelopes to hold them. This idea was a friend of mine's and I LOVED it. Again these are just the printables for January's scripture material. The questions come from the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families in both the family and individual sections. The Bible Dictionary was utilized in the descriptions below the names/places.

For the Middle Section:
I put the Gospel Art Book at the top so that it can just sit and turn pages. I haven't decided whether to glue/magnet tape/velcro it in, for now, it's just free-floating. The board still stands alone even with the weight of the book.

Just beside the Gospel Art Book is this handy information guide that I didn't know. This information is pulled for 3-4 different resources but for the most part it's from the Institute manual. I glued this right onto the board because it pertains to all of the New Testament.

On the bottom, I've enlarged two pages of the New Testament and created little "pins" of the different parts of the page. I'm really excited for this part to share with my Primary kids so that they can learn where to find their scriptures and what each part means. I intended it to be a "pin the tail on the donkey" type of thing but my kids have enjoyed just pinning them without a game involved.

The space between the "Pin it" and the Gospel Art Book, I'm thinking of putting a laminated page with our "Scripture Treasures". This was a suggestion in the Primary manual and I love it. It'll be a great way to highlight different scriptures that my kids like during our reading. I'm just going to print and laminate so that we can just use a dry erase marker and write our favorites throughout the week. I measured the space and so this printable is only intended for that space. If you want a full poster of just the scripture treasure go HERE.

For the Right Section:
I created a large stack of books with each of the books of the New Testament. I glued this to the board and I was thinking of using this in two ways. 1) Printing another one and having a game of matching as fast as they could each of the books by cutting the different books apart, 2) Coloring each book as we read them.

12/26 --- Poor Book of Luke is missing! OOPS! I'm fixing this and will update the link.

The Books have now been fixed. Please download the one that says _UPDATEDbooksof for the one with Luke in the stack.

On the back in the middle, my husband had the idea of putting felt/flannel so we can tell the stories from the New Testament. You can find some of my characters to go with the New Testament on Etsy.

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