Sunday, December 30, 2018

Come, Follow Me Editable Study Notebook

I've been asked what pens are my favorite to use for these notebooks and I wanted to just share here. My FAVORITE pens are called Triplus Fineliner Pens. I LOVE them so much, I usually get the 20 pack because they have lots of different colors and they are just in one row and they have a small "hook" and I can just fit them perfectly into my binder on the middle ring without much bulk. I also like that they don't dry out when they're not capped and are just comfortable to hold.

Thank you all so much for your feedback on these notebooks! After a week of use, I have tweaked these just a little bit (download the free one below).
Here's what's new!
1) I added a space to write about the people and places in the chapters. 
2) I added a layout for each chapter of the New Testament
3) I added the chapter highlights (or summaries) of what is happening in each chapter (this is my favorite addition!)
4) I added a small section in the Doctrine/Principles for a verse.

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If you purchased Part 1 please contact me on Etsy or check your Etsy messages/email, thanks!


In reading the introduction of the Come, Follow Me, our brethren have given us keys to getting the most out of our studies. I wanted to create a notebook to use these keys that they gave us. I'm so excited to use this for my personal study. It's simple for easy application and with pure focus on the task at hand (with some coloring opportunity on the cover), to learn about Jesus Christ and become converted.

Included in the download is this 2 page layout and a printer page so that when you print double sided the 2 pages are facing you so you don't have to turn pages for your study. There are 52 sets included to use for each week of the 2019 year. Print the cover on cardstock for durability and DO NOT double side print on the cover, only on the notebook pages.

Please give the download a little bit of time. There are over 100 pages in the PDF file.

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