Wednesday, December 5, 2018

2019 Primary Presidency & Music Leader Editable Planners

I wanted to keep the design this year simple so that it focuses on the Savior. I created a graphic of the Savior as He teaches His people.

Thank you all so much for your feedback on the planners. I take each comment to heart as I plan out the next year's planner to ensure that you get the most out of your planner. Please send me your feedback, I want to hear how you like your planner. (Etsy is the best and fastest way to contact me).

In the Presidency Planner:

There are 6 pages for each month, ready for you support your Music Leader and teachers, record Presidency Meetings, conduct Opening Exercises, and lots more.

Sections you'll find in this planner:
- Cover (There are 5 covers included this year that coordinate with one another)
- Monthly Dividers
- Monthly Calendar
- Month-at-a-glance
- Calling sheet with Primary events (birthdays, advancements, baptisms)
- Notes
- Presidency Meetings
- Plan for 2019 (Yearly)
- Remember for 2020 (Yearly)
- Primary Contact Sheet

You can see all the previews on Etsy.

In the Primary Music Leader Planner:

There are 3 pages for each month to help you plan for your Singing Time and a bunch of extra pages.

Sections in this planner:
- Cover (5 to choose from)
- Monthly dividers
- Monthly Calendar
- Weekly Planner and Ideas
- Sunday Schedule
- Year at a Glance
- Plan Ahead 2019
- Remember for 2020
- 5 pages of Notes

You can see more previews on Etsy.

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