Tuesday, December 26, 2017

January Week 1 Poster and Frames

With the craziness that goes along with changing teachers and meeting at a new time, here's a simple lesson that'll keep the monsters little angels occupied while you organize the chaos. Grab some crayons, colored pencils and markers. Invite the children to draw and color a picture of themselves. Then invite them to draw a favorite activity, food, thing at school, color, etc. This is perfect to let the kids share with their new teachers about them. And BONUS decorate your bulletin board or keeping these to create a "spotlight" each week and having the kids guess who it is by their pictures (might now work so well with Junior Primary, but could be lots of fun in Senior!)

And don't forget to download the weekly poster to hang up and share!

We do not remember living with Heavenly Father, but He does. He loves each of us and knows us by our names because we are His children. When we remember that we are His children we know that we are never alone, Heavenly Father is listening to our prayers. As we obey the commandments, have faith, get baptized, and repent we can become more like Him.

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