Monday, December 25, 2017

Instant Access 2018 Primary

For your convenience, I have created this post for you to have access to everything in 2018 to download in a single link. Please note that you CAN DOWNLOAD everything for free by going to each individual post.

This is simply a convenience for those that want everything.

Please note that this does NOT include the Presidency Planner or Chorister Planner. You will however find a coupon code for both of these with your link. Do not share the link or codes, these are for you and you alone.

You can access this link all throughout the year, to easily download newsletters, monthly challenge mats, and everything else that might pertain to whatever is created for the 2018 theme.

The Dropbox files are organized alphabetically.

If you have an idea that you would like for me to create, please contact me, I'd love to add it! (latterdaychatter{at}hotmail{dot}com)

I will be continuing to add to this list throughout the year with each additional post.

Please note that you will find the Dropbox link and how to download in the PDF file. 

You can see the previews of everything on the 2018 tab.

Currently included in your link is:
- Monthly Posters (and various sizes)
- Monthly Bookmarks
- Monthly Postcard Invites
- Monthly Scripture Posters
- Teacher/Leader Binder Covers
- Classroom Door Signs and Name Door Signs
- Bulletin Board Headers and Banners
- Tags for gifts
- Birthday Cards and Sticker Sheets (stickers, bubble magnets, zipper pulls etc)
- CD Labels and Covers
- Editable Presidency Contact Cards (these are awesome to create as magnets for families)
- Yearly Posters

Throughout the year these will/have been added:
- Editable Monthly Newsletters (these are typically posted in middle of the previous month needed)
- Monthly Activity/Matching Mats
- Weekly Theme Posters
- Sharing Time Ideas
- Program Invite
- Monthly Ponderize Scripture Cards

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