Sunday, November 12, 2017

March 2018 Monthly Material

I love how this month's things came out! Let me tell you a little bit about the process that I take when creating printables. 1) I say a prayer each time I sit at the computer and ask for the Spirit to help me convey the message and to find just the right illustration or graphic. 2) I turn on Spotify and listen to classical music or the Piano Guys. 3) I scour my color palettes trying to find the perfect colors to use. 4) Begin pulling together the colors, the fonts, and the arrangements, and create the "papers" to use. Often this is a trial and error until it just feels good and right (the best feeling).
 This month was no different, this picture was thrown into my thoughts and I quickly found it in my Friend collection. Went through lots of fonts and patterns until the good moment came. This is just perfect and I love it SO SO MUCH and I hope you do too!

Everything in the previews is available for download via the link below.
Available in the download:
-11x14 poster
-8x10 poster
-5x7 (this is a jpeg to print as a photo)
-4x6 (jpeg)
- Sheet of 4
- Bookmarks
- Editable postcards to bring with you to visit your inactives

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