Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2018 Editable Door Signs

You'll find two types of door signs. One is just for the door with the name of the class. The other is for those that like to put children's names and their teachers/room on it. To download just click the "download here" above whichever preview you'd like. Enjoy!
Please remember that while these are free, they still take time to create. Take a minute to comment, I love hearing from my readers.

TO EDIT: Open the pdf file you want to add text to. (No text boxes will appear, this is just to type like you would on a blank document) On the right side you will see "COMMENT", click on this. Along the top just above the purple, you'll see a "gray section" with different things that you can do with this function. To add the text, click on the 5th "T" (just to the left of the "t" in the box). A cursor with a little a will appear, place where you want to add text. You can change the font and size inside the purple bar along the top.

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