Sunday, October 15, 2017

2018 Primary Theme Posters

Hello! Thank you for sticking with me during this busy time of my life! I am currently in school at BYU-I and studying Marriage and Family Studies, this is a new experience for me and I still trying to find a good balance between family, school, and my beloved "me time" here.

I am hoping to have all of the 2018 Primary "stuff" out and ready to download by the beginning of December. Again this is a hope and it may be fudged a smidgen.

Thank you so much for all your support as I create posters using images from the Friend. I love creating beautiful posters and handouts for free and only ask that you share like wildfire about these little beauties and comment or email about what else you need. -- I do have a list to do but send your ideas along!--

This is my favorite and I just love this black and white version that is just stunning for those that just can't print in color with your Primary budget (been there and done that!). So whip out those colored pencils that you bought from the back to school sale and have a coloring party with your presidency!


DOWNLOAD HERE (all sizes are available via this link)

I love color and just how it can capture the attention of children. So here's another option for you and your Primary!


DOWNLOAD HERE (all sizes are available via this link)

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