Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2018 Primary Presidency Planners

Thank you all so much for the feedback on these over the years. And thank you so much to my testers for these new 2018 planners. They have been completely revamped! Pages added and pages adjusted to make this a beautifully streamlined planner for your presidencies!

I have three options this year (because who doesn't LOVE options!). Instead of the splash of color as in years past, I went with color scheme instead. All of the inner pages are the same for each planner, just choose the style that you love, purchase, print and bind (you can get these spiral bound for under $5 at your local print shop, I used Staples)

The best part about these planners is they are customizable! Print whatever pages will work for you in your planner and leave the rest.

These are also editable with the most recent Adobe Reader. (Seriously just learned this in my English class to comment on essays and it is THE most amazing tool!)

TO EDIT: Open the pdf file you want to add text to. (No text boxes will appear, this is just to type like you would on a blank document) On the right side you will see "COMMENT", click on this. Along the top just above the purple, you'll see a "gray section" with different things that you can do with this function. To add the text, click on the 5th "T" (just to the left of the "t" in the box). A cursor with a little a will appear, place where you want to add text. You can change the font and size inside the purple bar along the top.

Each Color Scheme Planner contains inside:
- Cover
-Year at a glance
- Monthly "divider" page (NEW)
- One sheet Monthly Calendar
- Presidency Meeting Notes page (NEW)
- Month-at-a glance (NEW- and the favorite addition amongst our testers!)
- Callings Sheet/ Monthly Events (birthdays, advancements, baptisms)
- Notes
- Plan Ahead 2018
- Remember for 2019
- Primary Contact Sheet
- Weekly Planning Sheet (NEW)

Optional to buy separately to create tabs, "sticky notes", etc (or just because you love the colors!) are the digital papers that I created for each month's background. (coming soon!)

 Fun and youthful planner with a few pinks, a light blue, green and a dark purple for some contrast.

Strawberry Punch Papers
(coming soon!)

Serenity awaits in nature. Snag this planner for more earthy tones.
Red, tan, brown-gray, blues and a green make up the colors on this GORGEOUS planner!

Rustic Joy Papers
(coming soon!)

Keep it simple and keep those colored pencils handy for this COLORABLE planner featuring black and white throughout including the cover!

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