Sunday, October 15, 2017

2018 Primary Theme Posters

Hello! Thank you for sticking with me during this busy time of my life! I am currently in school at BYU-I and studying Marriage and Family Studies, this is a new experience for me and I still trying to find a good balance between family, school, and my beloved "me time" here.

I am hoping to have all of the 2018 Primary "stuff" out and ready to download by the beginning of December. Again this is a hope and it may be fudged a smidgen.

Thank you so much for all your support as I create posters using images from the Friend. I love creating beautiful posters and handouts for free and only ask that you share like wildfire about these little beauties and comment or email about what else you need. -- I do have a list to do but send your ideas along!--

This is my favorite and I just love this black and white version that is just stunning for those that just can't print in color with your Primary budget (been there and done that!). So whip out those colored pencils that you bought from the back to school sale and have a coloring party with your presidency!


DOWNLOAD HERE (all sizes are available via this link)

I love color and just how it can capture the attention of children. So here's another option for you and your Primary!


DOWNLOAD HERE (all sizes are available via this link)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2018 Primary Presidency Planners

Thank you all so much for the feedback on these over the years. And thank you so much to my testers for these new 2018 planners. They have been completely revamped! Pages added and pages adjusted to make this a beautifully streamlined planner for your presidencies!

I have three options this year (because who doesn't LOVE options!). Instead of the splash of color as in years past, I went with color scheme instead. All of the inner pages are the same for each planner, just choose the style that you love, purchase, print and bind (you can get these spiral bound for under $5 at your local print shop, I used Staples)

The best part about these planners is they are customizable! Print whatever pages will work for you in your planner and leave the rest.

These are also editable with the most recent Adobe Reader. (Seriously just learned this in my English class to comment on essays and it is THE most amazing tool!)

TO EDIT: Open the pdf file you want to add text to. (No text boxes will appear, this is just to type like you would on a blank document) On the right side you will see "COMMENT", click on this. Along the top just above the purple, you'll see a "gray section" with different things that you can do with this function. To add the text, click on the 5th "T" (just to the left of the "t" in the box). A cursor with a little a will appear, place where you want to add text. You can change the font and size inside the purple bar along the top.

Each Color Scheme Planner contains inside:
- Cover
-Year at a glance
- Monthly "divider" page (NEW)
- One sheet Monthly Calendar
- Presidency Meeting Notes page (NEW)
- Month-at-a glance (NEW- and the favorite addition amongst our testers!)
- Callings Sheet/ Monthly Events (birthdays, advancements, baptisms)
- Notes
- Plan Ahead 2018
- Remember for 2019
- Primary Contact Sheet
- Weekly Planning Sheet (NEW)

Optional to buy separately to create tabs, "sticky notes", etc (or just because you love the colors!) are the digital papers that I created for each month's background. (coming soon!)

 Fun and youthful planner with a few pinks, a light blue, green and a dark purple for some contrast.

Strawberry Punch Papers
(coming soon!)

Serenity awaits in nature. Snag this planner for more earthy tones.
Red, tan, brown-gray, blues and a green make up the colors on this GORGEOUS planner!

Rustic Joy Papers
(coming soon!)

Keep it simple and keep those colored pencils handy for this COLORABLE planner featuring black and white throughout including the cover!

Friday, September 15, 2017

September Sharing Time Week 3

I've put together a fun simple game to get kids talking about ways to honor parents. Create a puzzle with the house or bring out those sticky hands that kids just can't get enough of and stick them around the house as you learn.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

September Sharing Time Week 2

For me, this week is about how we can show respect and worship God. This is done through reverence and I read THIS about reverence and I just love that we show reverence in basically everything that we do. We really have many opportunities in our day to show respect towards our Heavenly Father.

What do these commandments tell us?

1) Thou shalt have no other gods before me -- this means that we to only worship Heavenly Father

2) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image -- this means that we must love Heavenly Father more than anything else that we have, like toys or video games

3) Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain -- this means that Heavenly Father is a special person to us and we show respect to Him by only using His name when we are at church, at the temple, asking a question, or saying prayers.  (Be sensitive with this one, family members may not follow this and the children might hear it often.)

4) Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy -- this means that Sundays are the Lord's day, we go to church, spend time with our families and do activities that we wouldn't do on the other days. (This is also a sensitive one, as it is a personal decision for each family. For example, some families may feel it's okay to play outside with family and others may not)

I was hoping to have more for you, but this week escaped me. I hope you can still use this fun cut/paste activity. To supplement this, check out Little LDS Ideas post for this week, it looks fun and easy to put together!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

September Sharing Time Week 1

Summer is over and kiddos are back in school so I am hoping that even with our little newborn and me going to school that I'll be able to get back into the swing of things!

For this week's activity, I thought about this talk from a couple years ago by Elder Keetch. He gave an analogy about the need for commandments and sharks out past the bay that he couldn't see at first until he was given a pair of binoculars and finally saw them. (Recommend this talk, it's amazing and I love it!)

This game was SO much fun to create and play! This game is like Minesweeper, Connect 4, and with a little bit of trivia mixed in. Let's just say, be ready to laminate and add it to your Sunday Box!
* The circles to cut out are 2.5 inches, if you'd like to pull out your circle punch.

Reveal a number, gives a clue for how many sharks! Reveal a Q and get a question about commandments. Add a challenge and try to get a 4 in a row!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August Editable Newsletter

I apologize for my delay in getting this out! I have a very good reason, I promise!
We had our baby! Our little girl arrived safe, sound and perfect! A picture to share will be forthcoming.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Primary 3, Lesson 24

I had these letters and tags for this lesson from several years ago, but with a hard drive crash and the files being on 4shared, I've lost them so I've revamped and created new ones. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stories of Jesus Large Readers/Placemats

I am absolutely loving the stories of Jesus found in this year's Friend magazines, and wanted to create pages that could be easily laminated and where the whole story was on one sheet instead of three and here we have the result. I'm calling them large readers but they're a great morning/Sunday bag grab.

These are sized for LEGAL paper (8.5x14), these can typically be printed on your at-home printer by adjusting the printer tray.

To keep downloading them each month, follow this link! (Please note that these are from the 2017 Friend magazines, only January thru June are currently available)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

May Sharing Time Week 1

I've been slacking on this little website of mine, thank you for sticking with me. I greatly appreciate your emails and comments. Just a few tidbits...

#1 We are expecting! Baby #4 will be joining us at the end of July.

#2 I'm into my last semester of the Pathway program and will be continuing on to BYU-I for the fall semester. My educational journey has taken a back burner for so long that I'm very excited for this part of my life to come to fruition!

#3 I've been playing around with designing my own graphics and have become more comfortable with what I'm creating. This has taken up so much of my time in creating freebies and printables and for that I apologize, but it's been so fun to learn. You can see new creations on the Etsy shop.

Please note that included in the download are two files. The single jpeg is an ENGINEER PRINT for the board (these can be printed at Staples for about $2). The pdf file contains the at home printer material. For this lesson, you will need to create scenarios for the dirt clods to discuss mistakes that we make which are cause for repentance. (Lesson included in the pdf file) These could range from cheating at school, stealing from the gas station, lying about doing chores, etc I've included a single printout of the boy and girl for you to hand out if you'd like for the older kids to write their own answers. When we are baptized we are clean and pure, each day when we make mistakes it is like getting dirt on ourselves and it is only through the power of repentance and the Atonement and we can become clean again.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Primary 5, Lesson 7

I LOVE this quote and thought that it was just perfect for this lesson!

I also ran across this fun crossword puzzle from an old Friend magazine and created an easy printable for it. 
Please note that this is created as a printable for a LEGAL PAPER (8.5x14). This paper size can easily be found at office supply stores.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February Sharing Time Week 1

I thought I'd have enough time to throw together a lesson this week but that didn't happen. I was able to make a poster for this week. I hope you can still use it!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

February Editable Newsletter

I can't believe that it's been so long since I have last created a printable or shared anything! I have missed it so much and I hope that I can figure out a schedule for my family and for you too, so I can get some much need blog/printable time.
Thank you so much for your patience in getting this out, it's later than planned but I hope you'll still be able to use it.

I've been asked to create a newsletter that didn't have the graphic on it and just the "edging" so for this month, you have 4 options!