Wednesday, November 30, 2016

{Sharing Time} Prophets prophesied about the birth of Jesus Christ

Last month I was asked to create the weekly theme posters a little more in advance to able to use in both Primary and at home so I will be continuing it because so many of you emailed. So thank you for taking the time, you're the best readers a girl could ask for!

For this week you'll just need to raid the Primary Manual pictures. I've included links for an easy download if you'd rather just print them.

You will need:
Nativity (Primary 6-50)
Isaiah (Primary 6-49)
Nephi (Primary 4-18)
King Benjamin (Primary 4-21)
Alma (Primary 4-23)
Samuel the Lamanite (Primary 4-42)

You'll also need a box (big enough so the pictures aren't scrunched)
If you can't find one from your holiday shopping to borrow, the Post Office has flat rate boxes that don't cost anything that will fit these perfectly. 
And some wrapping paper. Put the picture of the Nativity inside the box and tape it. (The Savior is a gift to each of us) Wrap the box. Loosely tape one of the pictures of the prophets to the top of the wrapped box. Wrap around the picture. Loosely tape, wrap, loosely tape, wrap until all of the prophets are used and you can't see any of them and it just looks like a wrapped box.
(You could also just do 5 separate boxes for each of the 5 prophets but for sanity and arm sake I like this idea better)

Have a child come up and unwrap each layer then discuss the scriptures with each.

(Sorry no printables for this week, next week though!)

Here's a couple other ideas from last year and a few years past both work great and just give you more ideas.

For this week I really wanted to get the kids thinking about Jesus and about His birth. And about the prophets that prophesied that He would be born. Included in this lesson are the prophets-- Isaiah, Nephi, King Benjamin, Abinadi, and Samuel the Lamanite. Each prophet has 2 poster puzzles. One is about the prophesy and the other is just a "pondering/journal" question to get them thinking and sharing what they know and believe.

I'm sure that there are a lot of ways to use these poster puzzles (each puzzle is about 8x10) but here's what I was thinking. Each puzzle piece has a question/answer style to the pieces so you could 
1) put one piece of each puzzle on the board then go through and discuss the one side and then have the kids either look for the other piece because you've hidden it or bring out your sticky darts and have all the pieces on board. 
2) pull out your hamster ball/gift box/bag and while playing a Christmas song, the kids each take out a puzzle piece (10 puzzles = 20 pieces) then when everyone has a piece, let them find their match.
Then letting them read their scriptures and see if they know the answer.

Materials Needed:
- Tape/Sticky Tack

I love what's in the manual, using the scriptures to learn about prophesies of the birth of Jesus, but I wanted to add in a little something fun!

Cut out the pieces of the nativity puzzle. On the back of each piece write a scripture reference in the manual.

1) Isaiah 7:14; 9:6
2) 1 Nephi 11:14-15, 20-21
3) Mosiah 3:5-8
4) Mosiah 15:1
5) Alma 7:10-12
6) Helaman 14:1-3

Lay out the puzzle out on the floor (with space between each) with the picture side down. Divide up the classes into 6 groups, have one child from each group come up and toss a beanbag to see what scripture each group gets.
Let each group have some time discuss/share what the prophesies were and explain/share anything that you want to about each prophet. (how long before Christ's birth did they prophesy? - printout below the puzzle) Then come hang their piece onto the board.

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