Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Sharing Time Week 1

I've had a lot of requests for the posters of each week in advance so that they can be used as reminders at both home on the fridge and up on the board at Primary so I've made all 4 this week just in case I don't have time to make them later on.

I'm so excited to be able to find the time to get a sharing time in for this week! I'm sharing one of my favorite stories of all time from the Friend all about reverence and butterflies. I see a lot of questions and a lot of suggestions for helps with reverence in Primary.

We ALL have this problem ladies never fear, children are children and we must take that into consideration. May I give one piece of advice to you as a Primary teacher to a Primary Presidency ( I have also been in the Presidency), if you want more reverence in your Primary, be reverent yourself. The kids watch you and see your example. If you are sitting in the back chatting about the teachers that are missing or who has a birthday (SEE! I know what you talk about back there, I was there too!) they will also be more apt to chat with their neighbors. However if they see that you are involved in the lesson and the singing you will see a difference in their reaction. Now this won't solve everything with the reverence of your Primary but I know from personal experience it will help. This article has helped me SO much when facing reverence concerns both in my family and with those pesky boys. "Respect and Reverence".

I love this story and share it often with my own boys and they each have butterfly in their Sunday bag/scriptures to remember. And now I want to share with you some ideas to use when sharing this beautiful story.

1) Create hanging butterflies with the cut-outs provided below. Using an embroidery hoop/coat hanger/ceiling, ribbon (this is a LOT easier) or fishing line, cardstock, and a small hole punch (If using fishing line, a pin is easier to work with so you don't have a big hole).
Hang these up at the front of the room at different intervals so they look like they are flying. This can be just a visual aid or you can also put them on shorter ribbons making them into necklaces- laminate them for durability- and let the kids pick one as you see them being reverent

2) Cut-outs/laminating sheets, clothespins, and hot glue gun
For this one, cut and laminate the butterflies. Attach clothespin to them using the hot glue. As you see children being reverent clip a butterfly onto their shoulder

3) A one inch circle paper puncher, blank sticker sheets, 48-1 inch butterfly sticker sheet. 
This one is my favorite because it's so easy and if you share the story and it's meaning the butterfly stickers are a great reminder and a small thank you to the kids for being reverent.

Did something else with the printouts or stickers? Share your idea by commenting below!

Download includes:
-6 large butterflies
- sheet of 1 inch circle stickers
- Weekly Poster

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