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{Sharing Time} Living the Word of Wisdom shows respect for my body

Encourage understanding: On one side of the board write “Commandments” and the following scripture reference: D&C 89:7–9, 12, 14, 16. On the other side, write “Promises” and the following reference: D&C 89:18–21. Have half of the children read the first set of scriptures and look for commandments the Lord has given us in the Word of Wisdom. Have the other children read the remaining scriptures and look for blessings He has promised us if we obey. Discuss what the commandments and blessings mean.

Encourage application: Invite one child to say, “I will live the Word of Wisdom by ______” and fill in the blank with something he or she will do to live the Word of Wisdom. Then invite another child to repeat the phrase and the first child’s response and then add his or her own response. Ask a third child to repeat the phrase and both of the other children’s responses and then add another response. Repeat as time allows, with each child adding a response.

As we have learned the last couple of weeks, this week is no different. We are given our bodies as a precious gift from a loving Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father wants us to take care of our bodies.
Each day though we are faced with temptations that could harm our bodies so Heavenly Father has given us some information to help us make good choices in what we eat and put into our bodies. This is called the Word of Wisdom.

I have included printables for the ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING section so you can have the kids come up and write on the board the different things that they find for each section.

What has the Lord commanded us not to take into our bodies?

The Lord has commanded us to not use wine and strong drinks, meaning those that contain alcohol.
The Lord has also told us that tobacco is harmful to our bodies and our spirits. These are found in things like cigarettes and chewing tabacco.
We have also been told not to use hot drink. The leaders of the Church have told us that this means coffee and tea which both contain harmful ingredients.
We should not use drugs unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Many drugs when not used correctly can do more harm that even alcohol and tobacco.

For this game you'll be playing a "guess what it is" type of game with different clues. Bring in a fly swatter/ sticky darts/ bean bags etc so the kids can guess what the clue matches!
I have included image links for each of the clues. You will need to save/print each. You can also easily create your own clues and cut out images from magazines/grocery ads.
Scatter them on the floor face up (if you would like to talk about the food pyramid you can make one using painter's tape on the floor then put your pictures where they go on the pyramid then play your game.

1) A baked good make from dough. Most of us buy this at the store already sliced and ready to use. Typically used to make a sandwich. (Bread)
2) A fruit that grows in bunches on a vine. Can be used to make a juice. These are used to make raisins when they are dried. (Grapes)
3) This dairy product is made using the milk of animals. There are lots of kinds and many of us put it on a lot of things, like pizza! (Cheese)
4) A vegetable that grows in the ground and is the color orange. It has green leaves at the top. It's a favorite food of rabbits! (Carrots)
5) A dessert sometimes used for birthdays. A treat usually just for one person. They are sometimes decorated with frosting and sprinkles. (Cupcakes)
6) This protein comes from a bird and is used in many things. We sometimes eat these at breakfast or decorate them for Easter. (Eggs)
7) This fruit is a favorite during the summer. You can find them with black and white seeds in them and they are VERY juicy. You eat the red part but not the green! (Watermelon)
8) This vegetable grows on a stalk and is a bright yellow when it's ready to be picked but you can't see the yellow because it's covered by a green husk. Sometimes in the fall, farmers create mazes with them to go through. (Corn)
9) This meat is from big bird that can't fly. We usually have it during the month of November. It's a common lunch meat to find on your sandwich. (Turkey)
10) This is a popular breakfast food. Sometimes people add yummy fruits to it. We can either eat with a bowl and some milk or eat it for a tasty snack. (Cereal)

The activity above I think is more geared towards Sr. Primary but I'm sure some of the clues you could use in Jr. But I've made up a fun little printable you can use in Jr. Primary.

Bring in some crayons and let the children color the things that are good for their bodies. I have included some "junk" food so you can talk about that a little bit.

Another thing that you can talk about it the food pyramid. Talk about each section and why each of these are important for our bodies (here's a great article about why it's important)

As I was looking on for different articles for this week. I found this BEAUTY of a quote by President Monson. And I created a poster for you!

Included in the download:
Weekly Theme Poster
Fun activity for Jr Primary
President Monson Quote

For your reference and study:

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