Tuesday, August 30, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 30/31: I Can Be Obedient

Yes, I am creating this one for both lessons because I started doing my ideas for 30 and at water aerobics my friend mentioned that that it sounded like an idea for the next lesson. When I get home behold it is similar so I'm doing this for both lessons and you can decide how you'd like to use them.
This was actually one of the first lessons that I had when I was first put in Primary about 10 years ago!

When we are obedient, we show that we love and respect those we are obeying.

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~Create a fence enclosure using craft sticks, hot glue gun, and foam board (optional- but handy)
~Bring in plastic animals (most party supply stores have them), stuffed animals, beanie babies etc.

What does this fence do? Why do we use fences? What could happen if an animal gets out of the fence?

Fences protect us and animals from the dangers that are outside of the fence. When inside the fence, it is safe. Just like the fences, Heavenly Father has given us commandments to help us choose the right and when we obey those commandments we will be kept safe from the dangers outside of the fence.

Materials Needed:
~Coloring utensils
~ pair of scissors for each child
~ Glue sticks for each child (optional)
~Construction Paper (optional)

Print out a fence and animals for each child. Let the kids cut out each and glue onto the construction paper.

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