Wednesday, August 3, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 28: I can be Kind

I love how in the lesson it has incorporated the map so I've enlarged it and you can get this poster printed for just a few dollars at Staples as an engineer print. What a fun way to share the story and "act" out as you tell it.

Put all the cut-outs onto popsicle sticks for easier manuvering around the map and laminate for durability.
Begin by letting the kids take turns circling all the cities that you point out in the lesson. Judea, Samaria, Jericho & Galilee. Give each child a cut-out and when they hear about their character, help them walk their character across the map.

Cut out these kindness puzzles and divide the class to complete each puzzle. Then discuss.... If you were in the group teasing the kids with disabilities what would you do if you were showing kindness.

I really love this story from the Friend, it demonstrates perfectly why being kind to others comes back to us. Read the story with the class then discuss.
First the boy on the bus is kind to the boy that hides behind the tree and THEN the boy behind the tree tries to find someone else to be kind to --- I just love that part--- kindness spreading like weeds!


For your reference and study:
Loving Others and Living with Differences
The Good Samaritan: Forgotten Symbols

Here's some jumbo cut-outs to enhance your lesson!

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