Monday, June 27, 2016

{Valiant} Primary 4, Lesson 25

I received a comment that I'm a little behind on the lessons so I've skipped ahead and I will work my way back if I have the time.

To add a little bit of fun, go snag these ADORABLE paper dolls for the armor of God and use them to coordinate with the lesson. All the pieces are separated so you can go through each piece. Perfect for the Enrichment activities for this lesson.

You can easily print enough for your class with each of the pieces to create their own armor of God.

Or you can blow the pieces up and play a game up on the board and let the kids follow the scriptures and see what each piece represents.

The orange analogy I think really brings the armor to life in that even if just a little water gets in the orange will sink. We must have a full armor on to withstand Satan.

I've also created these posters (download includes 2-4x6) to share with your class.

Here's a fun little page from the Friend that you can use for this lesson too!
* the pdf to download is on 2 printer pages that you'll need to glue together for the full poster

You'll find this analogy with the orange in lots of places but I just love it so much that I wanted to share with you the one in the New Era. It also has some awesome references to refer to for your lesson.

Included in the download:
- Boy/girl Posters about the armor of God
- Journal Page
- wordstrips for the different "parts" of the armor

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