Monday, June 13, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 21

For this week, I thought it would be fun to have two very different extremes in pictures and have the kids point out the differences. I've used a playground and a congregation during sacrament (printouts available in the download)

Ask questions to get them talking about the pictures.
What can we do when we are at the park? How can we act at the park?
What happens at church? How should we act at church?
What differences do you see in these pictures?

Possible comparisons:

-dressed in play clothes
-talking loud

dressed in Sunday clothes
- use our quiet voices

If/when a child mentions at Sacrament we try to be reverent. Ask what that means.

Here's another idea from the Friend!
Bring in a hand puppet and begin doing some things with the puppet that might not be very reverent.
I really love this article and do this when my own boys need a little reminder.

Included in the download:
-The Playground/Sacrament illustrations
- Reverence handout

Here's a fun, large maze to teach about Reverence

I really enjoyed these talks/articles about reverence:
Children Can Learn Reverence
Primary Manners

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