Sunday, June 12, 2016

{CTR) Primary 2, Lesson 20

For this lesson I've taken the summary out of the lesson and created printouts and a large treasure chest.

The teachings "choose the right" and "prayer" I've chosen two stories but you can easily choose stories that you feel are better suited for your own class. You can download the stories at the bottom of this post.

I also just loved the scripture in D&C so I made up a poster you can use with an illustration from the Friend. 
(sized at 8x10)

Put up the treasure chest onto the board. Go through the lesson and discuss each of the treasures of Jesus Christ letting the kids put them up onto the board. Cut out extra circles (using a dinner plate and a poster you could make large enough) let the kids draw their own "treasure" and put up on the board.

Included in the download:
-6 circles with the teachings of Jesus Christ from the lesson summary
-large treasure chest
-D&C Scripture Poster

*print the Chihuahuas story on legal paper-8.5x14

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