Saturday, May 28, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 18

Create homemade Kazoos with just a few easy supplies!

Create a Water Xylophone. So easy but SO much fun!

Go outside and go on a "sound walk" have the kids call out when they hear something.

Put a variety of items into plastic Easter eggs (beans, rice, coins, marbles, etc) then have a "music party") SEAL WITH TAPE TO AVOID  ACCIDENTS ( Preview Source)

Play a game of Musical Chairs. Bring in a cd player/ IPOD/etc and download some Primary songs

Use a rubber band to attach a piece of thin rubber (a piece of a balloon or rubber glove) to one side of a PVC elbow. Put a few pieces of rice on the taut piece of rubber. Talk into the open end of the PVC pipe and watch the rice dance (sound waves). The louder you talk, the better the rice jumps. (Source)

Create sound waves! Check out this one with Bowls and cans!

Make the fun "tin" phones using clear plastic cups and string, then play with them by talking to each other from across the room (Preview Source)

Here's a fun video with different animal sounds, you easily show them and then while the curtain is down have the call out what they think it is. My boys loved it if that helps!

*Be sure to download and have it ready to go for class, too many times there's scrambling and then the church wifi doesn't work or the password changed

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