Friday, May 20, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 17

Here's some fun ideas to use our hands!

-Bring in some pipe cleaners and let the kids curl them around their fingers.
     You could also bring in more supplies and create little animals with the pipecleaners
     Bring in some pony beads and let the kids bead the pipecleaners

- Bring in a box/styrofoam chunk, golf tees and a child hammer, let the kids hammer the tees into the box/styrofoam.

-Bring different textures to play with and have a fun sensory activity. Play a "Seek and Find" by calling out different things you brought in. 
Texture suggestions:
-Sandpaper                    -Rope
          -Nail file                      -String          
-Feathers           -Bubble Wrap
- Felt                        -Tin Foil
-Carpet                    - Dry Pasta
                  - Fur                           - Cotton Balls              
-Buttons                       -Rocks
      -Seashells               - Fruit with rinds
- Soft Blanket          -Cotton Balls

-Bring in playdough and cookie cutters

-Play with feathers and tickle your hands

-Create a sensory bin with water beads and play with them outside
(the beads take 2-4 hours for a full "sand bucket")

-Play with upside down contact paper! Create this fun apple tree and let the kids put the pom poms onto the tree.

-Bring in a ball to toss or bounce to each other
-Bring in  blown up balloons and "volley" to each other

- An oldie but a goodie..... bring in paints and paints hands onto a large posterboard

-Make cereal or pasta necklaces
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