Saturday, May 7, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 15

Getting Ready for Sunday
(Print onto legal size paper 8.5x14)

I couldn't resist printing this one up for my family's Sunday Box! My boys LOVE these activities in the Friend. Laminate and dry erase markers for never ending fun!

Good Things on Sunday


(includes 6 small circles, a copywork page, and 6 full sheet circles)

Draw a church building (nothing fancy) onto the chalkboard. Using the small circles, let the kids put them "in" the church as you discuss each.

Using the large circles, create a "lava path" on the floor and have the kids jump from each. Laminate for durability.

Bring in some wood or foam blocks help the kids build a church house. Then put the small circles all around the built church.

And here's just a small video of the Israelites and the Manna

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