Wednesday, April 13, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 13

I wanted to share these stories from the Friend and let you show the story to the kids on one full sheet of paper. I've resized these stories to fit onto legal paper.
Print the stories from the Friend on legal paper (8.5x14) 
Check your printer tray for an adjustment to the larger size.

(click on the stories to download)

This story is just amazing! The little girl is choking on a candy stuck in her throat. Her dad follows the prompting to go and find her.

This story has two different stories about the Holy Ghost helping us.
1) He prays for help in finding an arrow.
2) He prays for help to get safely over a mountain while flying.

This story the little girl prays for help in finding her stuffed cat.

Finding Tinkerbell

And here's a drawing page!

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