Wednesday, March 2, 2016

{CTR} Primary 2, Lesson 10

I'm really excited about this one because we did this with our boys (4 and 7) because prayers were getting a little rambunctious! You'll need scissors and a bunch of willing hands for all these letters but the kids will have a bunch of fun!

There's four words to go with each of the four body parts that we use in prayer. Head, mouth, arms, and eyes --- bow, fold, close, shut.

Scatter the letters on the floor. For the younger kids that just know the letters (unless you've got my 4 year old who refuses to say anything about any letters) you can write the words up on the board. And to challenge the older kids you can say the words one at a time. Select just 2-3 kids for each word to quickly find the letters for added fun bring in a stop watch and race to beat it before it goes off!
Put the body parts up on the board and have the tape handy as they find the letters that spell each word.

*If you don't like "shut" you can easily just use "close" twice but I wanted another word and my husband piped in*
Head= Bow
Eyes= Close

Here's some prayers puzzles too that you can hide the pieces or number them and have each piece have a question about prayer. It includes both "boy" and "girl"

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