Wednesday, January 20, 2016

{Sunbeams} Primary 1, Lesson 4

Play a game and teach the kids how to show respect when we pray.

Printout the pages from the download and cut them out. They are about 8 inches so they are large ready for little hands to hold!

Before you begin the games go over what we should do with each body part to do during a prayer.

We FOLD our arms (fold your arms and have the kids repeat)
We BOW our heads (kids repeat)
We CLOSE our eyes (kids repeat while you do the "mom" prayer thing doing the squint-y eye thing)
We keep our mouths QUIET ( put your finger over your mouth like you're going to say "shh")

Practice these a few times, to make it a little more fun start slow going through them and then do it a little faster each time.

For some active games
Put the parts onto the floor spread out a little bit. Then using a bean bag let the kids toss a bean bag. What it lands on (or near) have them show you what they do.

Put each onto a different wall in the room. Have the kids start in the middle. Say "find our arms"--- kids run to the arms and do the "action."

Retell the story of Daniel with these cut-outs!

Be sure also check out these fun handouts from Chicken Scratch n' Sniff!

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