Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sunbeams Activities and Ideas

This is a compilation using some things from the Nursery Supplies, Activities and Recipes with some things added because well---- they're older and can do more fun things. So....

This will be an ongoing list so keep this pinned! Comment with your ideas and I will add them, thank you so much for your input!

Hatched Eggs (keeping kiddos in their seats)

Active Activities:
these activities can be done in your own classroom, you don't really need to leave

Stop and Go (Red light, Green light)
Ring around the Rosey
Bean Bag Toss
dog dishes/small buckets from the $ store
Pom-Pom Target Practice
Big Legos
Bowling (Amazon)
Pool Noodle Lacing
  cut a pool noodle in small sections then use rope/twine
Ping Pong Balls and Cups
toss and catch with the balls and cups
"Do as I'm Doing"
Jenga Stacking
- make the tower instead of pulling the blocks

Quiet Activities
these activities are great for a small transition after a lesson

Foam Stickers/ Stickers
Playdough and Cookie Cutters/Tools
(THIS is my favorite go to recipe for homemade, you can make it gluten free with corn flour in the baking aisle)
Lacing Beads (these are foam beads that are just awesome!)
Board Books
Cootie Game
Matching Games
Pipe Cleaners and Buttons
Yarn and Sandpaper
Ice Painting
Lacing Cards (Laces)
Popsicle Sticks and Playdough
Cereal Necklaces
Finger Painting

1) Plastic Table Cloth ($ Store)- you can tape these down on the floor for art projects!
2) Foam shape stickers ( Amazon, craft stores, etc)
3) Plastic Animals (fun to play with playdough or by themselves!)- you can generally find them at a party store like Zurchers for a GREAT deal.
4) Counting Chips - these are great little markers for bingo or counting different things. (Amazon)
5) Butcher/Easel Paper  (Amazon)
6) Sponges for painting ($ store)
7)Contact Paper
8)Magnet Tape


Easy Homemade Finger Paint
1 cup Flour (or cornflour for gluten free)
1 cup Water (add a little less for thicker paint)
Dish Soap (1/4-1/2 cup)
Food Coloring (Koolaid packets work great in place of food coloring)

Separate into baby food jars/air tight containers then add the coloring

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