Monday, January 4, 2016

{Sharing Time} We are to feast upon the words of Christ

(lesson and prep below is in the download)

Using the circle dots ($ Store) 
number them 1-4 as the kids come into the Primary room (or put them onto the chairs) give them a sticker 

Set up the chairs in a large circle 

Fold the papers in half and glue (sticky dot so you can use later) to popsicle sticks

First come up with actions for each of the 4 phrases. Practice this a few times with the kids so they all know what each will be. Here's an idea for each of them:

"Feast" = shoveling food into mouth (kids with #1)
"Search Diligently" = looking through binoculars or a magnifying glass (kids with #2)
"Treasure up" = hands shaped in a book and thumbs up. 
(kids with #3)
"Hold fast"= great big bear hug to yourself (kids with #4)

Standing in the middle, hold up one of the signs, these kids do their sign and move chairs. Hold up the next signs until everyone has moved. For a final one, call out "THE SCRIPTURES" then everyone moves.
You can make it harder or easier by showing only one of the sides and not saying anything so the kids really have to pay attention.

After everyone has settled, explain how each of these phrases are used when we talk about the scriptures. When we feast upon the words, it can mean that we are hungry to learn and grow. Searching diligently can mean that we can find the answers to our troubles in the scriptures to lead and guide us. The scriptures are a treasure and as we treat them as such we are blessed as we read and study them every day. Today there are many choices, many good and many bad, when we hold fast to the scriptures and live by its teachings we will be strong and know what choices we need to make.

Have a large Primary? Instead of putting the chairs in a circle, widen the rows a little bit so the kids can do the actions without hurting themselves. Hold up the signs and  see which side is fastest at doing the signs, or do teachers verses kids doing the signs, etc

Sheena over at Little LDS Ideas also has an AWESOME Sharing time for this week with cupcakes! And the difference between "feasting" and "nibbling". Combine hers and mine or just take what you'd like. Enjoy!

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