Saturday, January 9, 2016

Primary Classroom: Non-Food Incentives

Above rewards, be sure to validate the children when they are doing something good. You can praise them verbally "Great job, Jenny!", "Thank you for listening, Blake!", smiling at them, giving a hug, a high five etc. Mail a note home, call a parent, etc. These mean a lot more to children than a toy, it shows that you love them.

Oriental Trading is a great resource for small inexpensive trinkets and toys, best of all they have assortments to just click and choose. I've included links to some of my kiddos' favorites.
Put these all into a box with a lid. Make sure to involve the kids in deciding how they earn these.

~Scratch n' Sniff Stickers (Amazon)
~Bouncy Balls
-Sticky Hands (Oriental Trading)
-Poppers (Oriental Trading)
~Glow sticks
~Stampers (Oriental Trading)
~Big sunglasses ($ Store)
~Whistles (Oriental Trading)
~Slap Bracelets (Oriental Trading)
~Stretchy Flying Toys (Oriental Trading)
~Crazy Straws
~Funky Pens
~Scripture Markers
~Puzzles (Seagull Book/Deseret Book have small scripture themed puzzles for about $1)

~Angry Bird Cups Game 
(earn cups throughout the lesson, then the last 3 minutes you stack them up and the kids try to knock them down with an "angry bird")
~Board writer
~Line leader
~Sit by your friend
~Play a game the last 10 minutes of class
-bean bag toss
-musical chairs
-target practice (draw a target on the board, then use sticky darts)
~ Tell a joke to the class (make sure it's a clean joke before they tell it)
~5 Minute "chatting" time at the end of class
~No shoes class
~Class "picnic style" (on a blanket) next week
~ Read a story from the scriptures (Snag these Readers from Distribution center) or read a story from the Friend
~Watch a Matt and Mandy video
~Teacher wears something goofy (hat, funny glasses, etc during Sharing time next week)

~Have an obstacle course next week to get to your seat

~ "Pass" for reading  (for those of you who do "popcorn reading" and those who don't like to read aloud this is great)
~Teacher for a small section of the lesson
~Game "judge"

Here are some 100 count charts you can use for a sticker system.
The charts are 16x24, you can easily print these for about $3 as an engineering print 
( does this) 
You can let the kids earn stickers for being kind, bringing their scriptures, taking things to the library, participating, etc.... You could also easily include the kids in what they think is fair to earn stickers, how many they can earn, etc....

Then once the chart is filled out you can have a party, play some minute to win it games (SO FUN!), invite a special guest, have class outside for a few weeks (cold outside? maybe do it on the stage)
 Teacher/bishopric member performs a "dare"
dance like a cowboy
- drink a cup of ice water really fast
- cut your tie (just wear a cheap/DI tie and let the kids take turns cutting it)
- spin around and try and walk a straight line
- sing a Primary song with your mouth full of marshmallows
-eat a pudding cup without using your hands
-say the alphabet as fast as you can backwards
-put on a puppet show about your favorite scripture hero

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