Thursday, January 14, 2016

Primary 1, Lesson 3

Heavenly Father loves each of you and He has set up a plan.
You would come to Earth (give Earth to child)
and given a body (give out the toddlers) for your spirit.
You came to Earth to a family to love you and take care of you (give the house). 
While you are on Earth Heavenly Father wants you to learn and grow. Some things that you do are go to church (give out the church),
take the sacrament (give out sacrament tray),
 saying your prayers (girl praying),
 being baptized (baptismal font),
listen to the prophet (prophet) and
go to the temple (temple). Then after you have lived your life on Earth you will return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus.

(includes lesson from above with some fun play ideas using the pieces.)

Purchase includes:
boy and girl toddlers
Church house
Sacrament Tray
Baptismal Font
President Monson
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