Saturday, January 9, 2016

Book of Mormon Sequence

I'm so excited to be done with this game! My oldest is anxious to add to our Sunday box and get playing (this is one of his favorite games to play!)

For the markers/chips, you will need 2 different "types" (Cheerios and Fruit Loops, Kidney Beans and White Beans, etc) you can also play with 3 (a lot harder) but just make sure each of the markers are different. We are going to use THESE dot markers (you can find them sometimes at the $ store too) to play because I'm having it laminated so it'll just a be a quick spritz of water and wipe clean. No reading is required so even the small kiddos can play.

(these and the rest of instructions are included in the pdf!)

Full board is 16x20 or use the easy at home printing sheets and assemble.
The cards are about the size of an index card a backing is also included so you can make the cards more sturdy.

Laminate for durability.

(Use coupon code SEQUENCE for 15% off through 1/16)

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