Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Testament Jeopardy

(there are two downloads the link will take you to a Dropbox page click on the blue download button at the top and it will begin downloading)

There seems to always be the last week of the year that there's not a lesson in the manual. So what I liked to do was do a "review" of what was taught during the year.

For this game there are 10 questions for each of the categories so you can choose what questions best suit your class.
I've also included points 10, 20, 30-100 so you can choose how you want to award points.
There are no points on the questions so you can choose what questions to put where.

The scriptures on the upper left can be used to either show the kids where to look or for the older kids to give a hint of what the answer is.

There's also a final question!


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