Saturday, December 12, 2015

2016 CD jewel covers/inserts, cd labels and envelopes

It's here! Finally, thanks for your patience to those that emailed and commented! If you need a different size please let me know! These are the most popular over the last few years but I can make another template.
Most of these are in either .png or .jpeg format, I didn't want the sizing or quality lost when you print these to fit the cds. If you need help printing (see FAQs) or need further assistance please email me.

The single labels are in .png format so you can adjust them depending on the labels you use.

The ones with the 2 per sheet are using label AVERY 5931 
(this label is the one I have and I've tested)

For the envelopes, print out on easily foldable cardstock for both durability and to fold them. Fold the bottom half back then glue the "wings" to the back.

And lastly the jewel case covers AND inserts!!

And for the insert, it will be customized for you to insert with your ward name and song choices.
Email: latterdaychatter (at)hotmail (com)
* NOTE: you can put as many songs on the insert as you'd like. Please email with your songs in the order you want them to appear.


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