Friday, October 2, 2015

**NEW** Gospel ABCs Book {for older kids}

I've had so many requests for the Gospel ABC book in the Sunday Box from when I did it a few years ago, but since 4shared has turned into a whole slue of problems with viruses, no one can get it (even me with my hard drive crash) so I needed a new one and here's the first version! Geared toward older kids in Primary. (GO HERE TO CHECK OUT THE LITTLE KID VERSION!) Each are sized at 4x6. You can laminate and put book rings on them or get it spiral bound at your local copy shop. You can also put them into a photo book.

Download includes PDFs and JPEGs to take into a print shop. Please note that the cover is a separate download.

(print as photos at Costco, Walgreens, etc)
*for this download you will be taken to an album page you'll just need to hit the download button on the right and it'll begin downloading, may take a while*
(2 letters per sheet still sized at 4x6)

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