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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gospel ABC Quiet Book {for little kids}


For the little kids, I wanted to do some sort of activity to go along with the same letter that I used for the older kids version. So for these they are either on printer paper size for easy at home printing or you can take it to the copy shop and get it printed. You will need velcro or magnet bits for some of the pages that have pieces to go with it. You can easily attach an envelope to the back and laminate the whole page together then use an exacto knife and "cut" open the envelope to hold the pieces. You can also laminate and use just as table activities instead of a book.

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  1. Very cute! You have an amazing talent!

  2. Oh good! I was waiting to see what you did for this one. It looks fabulous. I'm going to print these out and include them in my kids' stockings this year.

  3. You are AMAZING, Jessica!!! These are great to use for Quiet Books, Primary Classes, or just Sunday Activities at home. Thank you so much for all the work you put in to create these...because I know it was a lot of work. :)

  4. LOVE these! Wow, this must have been a huge time investment, thank you for sharing!!

  5. So cute, thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what you intended for the C - Watermelon one. I'm not quite understanding what the kids are to do there. Thanks!

    1. For the C, you can use Playdough to get the same number of pieces. Or color "seeds" onto the watermelon to match the number on each.