Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Primary 7, Lesson 35: The Mission of Jesus Christ

I've really been looking forward to this lesson because it's so broad that you can really pick any events of Christ's life to go over. These are the ones I've chosen to work with for the activities.

(Below is included in download below the handout)

1) Earth (Premortal Life)
   - Who created the Earth? How did He know what to do?
   - Who volunteered to be our Savior?
   - Whose Plan did you choose? Heavenly Father's or Satan's? How do you know?
   - Why was it important to be able to choose to come to Earth?

2)Birth of Jesus and childhood
     - Who was a prophet in the Old Testament that prophesied of Christ's birth?
     - What peopel did Jesus as a boy teach in the temple? What did He say to Mary when they found Him in the temple?
    - What trade id Joseph teach Jesus how to do?

3)Calls His Apostles/Organizes His Church
    - What were the first 3 apostles' names?
    - What did Jesus say to the fishermen? What does "fishers of men" mean?
    - Is the Church today different than it was when Christ was on the Earth?
   -What happened to the Church after He died?

4)Jesus is Baptized
    - Why was Jesus baptized?
   - Who baptized Jesus?
   - What came to Him as a dove after He was baptized?
   - How are we baptized today?

5) Teaches and Heals
    - What power did Christ have that allowed Him to heal those afflicted?
    - Why did He heal people?
    - What do you think it would have been like to be taught by the Savior?
    - Why was it important for Jesus to teach His people?

6) Suffers and dies for our sins
     - Why was it important that Christ suffer in the Garden of Gethsemane?
     -How can He truly comfort us when we are having a hard time?
     - Why did He die for you?

7) He is resurrected
    - Why was Jesus resurrected? What does this mean for us?
    - Who was the first person to see Him resurrected? Who were the first people to touch Him?
    - What did Christ ask the apostles to do after He ascended into heaven?

8) He visits and teaches the Nephites
     - Christ let each person come up and touch Him, why do you think He did that?
     - What did He do with the children?
     - What did Jesus teach them about?
     - What do you think it would have been like to be there when Jesus visited the Nephites?

9) He restored His Church through Joseph Smith
    - How old was Joseph Smith when he first saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father?
    - What did Joseph Smith translate?
    - What other things were restored through Joseph Smith?

10) Leads and Guides His Church today
       - Who is the current prophet that speaks on behalf of the Savior?
       - How can we know that he is the true prophet?
       - How can we get a testimony of Jesus Christ and all that He came to accomplish?

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