Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scripture Princesses Blog Tour AND {Giveaway!!}

Today (I'm a day late, I'm sorry!!) I'd like to share with you an amazing addition to your home library! The Scripture Princesses is all about women in the scriptures. Those beloved women like Esther, Ruth and Naomi as well as some of those women that are just as amazing but not as well known like Miriam.
This book is very well researched and written with beautiful illustrations that are perfect for young kids and each chapter is just the right length to read each night. Just long enough to learn more  (oh AND Rebecca has even put the scripture reference at the top of each chapter!) and short enough to keep kids' attention.
Here's some more reasons I LOVE this book!
 Each chapter is in order of history, these were real women who really lived and having them in chronological order is just helpful. It starts with Eve and goes to Emma Hales Smith.
 Each chapter is like I said short enough to read with kids but long enough that you feel you could be their friends.
 I also love that there are scripture references, LOVE LOVE LOVE... Now I can easily go to the scriptures to read from the scriptures about these women.

The author has also created coloring pages and a DARLING free tiara printable to go along with the book as well! She has also created beautiful memes!!

Rebecca has also decided to give away one of these books!! Leave a comment below on who your favorite woman from the scriptures is! Another entry can be made on FB by commenting on why she's your favorite! Giveaway will end in one week (August 27th at 12pm MST)
Thank you Rebecca for such a wonderful book to add to our library!

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