Friday, August 21, 2015

Miracles come to those who have faith {Sharing Time}

One of my favorite stories is of Moses leading the Israelites. So when the outline suggested using this miraculous story I just had to use it!

Below is included in the game.
Moses was told by Jesus to lead the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land. He and his brother Aaron went to the king of Egypt and asked to let the Israelites go, but the king said no.
Jesus helped Moses by showing the king His power. 
1, the water was changed to blood, the fish died and the people couldn't drink the water. Still the king didn't let the Israelites go.
2 Jesus sent frogs to the Egyptians, they were everywhere. The king said that if the frogs went away he would let the people go. The frogs died but the king lied and still the Israelites couldn't leave.
3 Lice was sent to infest the people, but still the Israelites weren't let go.
4 Next came flies to all the Egyptians, the king said he'd let the people go but he lied again!
5 The Egyptian's livestock began dying, still the Israelites couldn't leave.
6 Next the Egyptians began getting sores (called boils) all over their bodies.
7 A really bad hail storm came next, during this storm the people who were outside died. The king then said they could go. Moses prayed and the storm stopped but the king lied again.
8 Grasshoppers came and ate the Egyptian's crops and fruit. 

Now the Egyptians have no fish (from the river turning to blood), their animals have died so they have no meet. And now their grains, fruit, and other food is now gone. But still the king wouldn't let the Israelites leave.

9 Darkness came to the Egyptians, they couldn't even light a lamp/candle in their houses. This darkness lasted for 3 days.
10 Jesus told Moses that He would send a sickness. In every Egyptian family, the oldest child would die, including the king's son. Jesus told Moses that if the Israelites would kill a perfect lamb and put it's blood on their door frame the sickness would pass their house and their family would be safe.
The king's son died, and the king was afraid that everyone in Egypt would die, he told Moses and Aaron to leave with the Israelites.

As the Israelites were leaving, the king still wanted them as slaves so he took his army and chased after them. When the Israelites got to the Red Sea, they were scared because they could see the army coming and thought they would be killed. Moses told them that Jesus would help them. He was told to raise his hand over the sea and a wind divided the sea and the Israelites were able to cross on dry land.
Moses then raised his hand again and the sea came back together and the army that was following them died in the sea.

What can you do:
You can play a matching game and have the kids read the scriptures and put the plagues in order with the numbers and the plagues.

You can hide the plagues and do a search for the miracles that happened to Moses and his people.

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