Monday, January 5, 2015

January Sharing Time WK 2

Begin by having all the names of Jesus on the board and ask, "Who is this?" (Let kids answer)
Put up the pictures from the outline and tell the kids that we are going to be learning about these events. Jesus getting baptized, Jesus visiting the Nephites, and Jesus and Heavenly Father appearing to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove.

This activity is definitely geared more for Senior Primary because they can write and read. For Junior you can easily have them color the pictures while you read about the stories from the scriptures.

Here's two ways to use the printouts, (1) create a "book" for each child by cutting the pages in half (between pictures) and folding so the questions and picture are on the same page and stapling the pages together then giving each child a book. (2) cut pages in half and distribute copies of each event (including "your own") to kids throughout the Primary then have them pair off to read the story and answer the questions, then select a few pairs to come and share their page

(includes names of Jesus, 2 pages with pictures and questions)

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