Monday, December 29, 2014

January Sharing Time WK 1

God is the Father of my spirit

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Long ago before we came to Earth we lived in a place that when we came to Earth we forgot about where we lived and what we had learned..It was here that we lived in the presence of God, we didn't have a body but our spirits were taught, we had our talents and our weaknesses. We looked just as we do but without a body. Heavenly Father is the Father of our spirits, we look like Him and He loves each of us and knows our names. He gave us agency to choose for ourselves. Heavenly Father presented to us the choice to choose a side or a plan, no one couldn't make a choice, everyone who has or will be on Earth chose to follow Heavenly Father. (What do you choose? Did you choose to follow Heavenly Father's Plan or Satan's Plan? How do you know?) Heavenly Father presented a plan for each of us to come to Earth and gain a body. It was coming to Earth that was essential in becoming more like Heavenly Father and to return to Him.

Bring out the Plan of Salvation (just use a simple version-- Premortal, Earth, Death, Kingdoms)

Challenge a child to come up and put it in order. Make a point that we came to Earth in a family to be able to learn and grow.


Helpful Resources:
The Grandeur of God (amazing talk, I have learned so much!)

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