Wednesday, July 30, 2014

August Sharing Time WK 1

This week came a little harder for me to put together, how to explain the reason/blessings of praying in our families can be a difficult feat to small kids but after reading some talks and coming across this quote from President Kimball. It came into line. For this lesson, I will only be giving helpful hints and a coloring page, as I was praying about this lesson, I felt like this was the best course of action for a special topic. I wish you ladies the best of luck! (Coloring page download at the bottom)

“No mother would carelessly send her little children forth to school on a wintry morning without warm clothes to protect against the snow and rain and cold. But there are numerous fathers and mothers who send their children to school without the protective covering available to them through prayer—a protection against exposure to unknown hazards, evil people, and base temptations.” 

I love this analogy because it's so true! We wouldn't go outside in the cold winter without our winter gear. Just the same we shouldn't leave our homes without praying in our families!

Bring in some winter clothes and dress up a child (if the a/c is on!!) and talk about each piece and what it helps protect in the cold weather. Ask some questions about prayer for each piece and let the kids share what they would like.
1) Why should we each participate in family prayer?
2) Show this bridge and ask what would if we took out the middle of this bridge? Would the bridge stay together? No, if we take the piece in the middle (the keystone) the bridge can't hold together. In our families, family prayer can also be just like the middle of the bridge. Each piece of the bridge (family member) may be strong by themselves but with the middle of the bridge (family prayer) the entire bridge is strong.

3) How can family prayer help us and make us stronger as a family?
4) Why can we get help by praying together that we can't get any other way?
(As we pray in our families about specific problems we can help each other with our individual problems)
5) Read 3 Nephi 18: 21  How are we blessed (how have you been blessed) by praying with your family?
6) Share this story- An Answered Prayer  How was this family blessed that day?

Here's some talks to help:

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