Friday, April 4, 2014

April Sharing Time WK 1

I loved when Jacque, found this idea and we ran with it with some tweaks! Using the story of Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty, share with the kids that the family is central to Heavenly Father's Plan, using the large title of liberty to invite the kids to come and share about their family.

(Note this isn't the full story of Captain Moroni, purchase only includes a few of the cutouts)
$1.75 USD


Materials Needed:
-Poster of the Proclamation

Sharing Time Lesson:
Throughout this year, we have been learning about Heavenly Father's Plan. We come to Earth to gain a body, that we are tried and tested throughout our life, that we are baptized and receive other ordinances and we strive to keep the commandments to one day return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus. Part of the Plan was for each of us to have a family, each of us are part of a family and families are all different. Some have a lot of kids, others only one or just a few. Some families have lots of family around with grandpas and grandmas, aunts and uncles. Some families only have one mom or dad and some have two.

Because our families are so important, how can we defend our own family and what having a family means to us?
In the Book of Mormon, there's a story about defending (standing up for our family).

Read (or have a SR Primary kid read it) Captain Moroni story.

Today we have something similar to remind us the importance of families and our faith just like the Title of Liberty, called "The Family: A Proclamation to the World". (Show poster).

Thank you so much for stopping by, for the pins and repins, for the comments, for the purchasing on Etsy. This blog has helped me find who I am, helped my family and in discovering my talents. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
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