Friday, November 22, 2013

November Sharing Time WK 4

For this week we'll be playing with the.... ABCs!!!

Materials needed:
-printouts (I've included a poster size so you can either see what it looks like or get it printed (finished size 22x24)
-tape/sticky tack

Cut out all the leaves and print/cut out enough for a good majority (if not all of your kids) and put the poster tree up on the board. You'll begin Sharing Time by talking about how all month long we've been talking about all the things we have to be grateful for. And today we're going to play a game to see if we can find a bunch of blessings with the alphabet.

Begin with a random letter (or go in order) and ask all the As to stand up and shout out a blessing that begins with that letter. (talk about any that interest you or you'd like to talk about) then have the kids with that letter come up and put it on the tree. Continue throughout the entire alphabet. Some letters may be harder than others, so you can can make a list of those for ideas.

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