Saturday, November 30, 2013

December Sharing Time WK 1

Materials Needed:
- Tape/Sticky Tack

I love what's in the manual, using the scriptures to learn about prophesies of the birth of Jesus, but I wanted to add in a little something fun!

Cut out the pieces of the nativity puzzle. On the back of each piece write a scripture reference in the manual.

1) Isaiah 7:14; 9:6
2) 1 Nephi 11:14-15, 20-21
3) Mosiah 3:5-8
4) Mosiah 15:1
5) Alma 7:10-12
6) Helaman 14:1-3

Lay out the puzzle out on the floor (with space between each) with the picture side down. Divide up the classes into 6 groups, have one child from each group come up and toss a beanbag to see what scripture each group gets.
Let each group have some time discuss/share what the prophesies were and explain/share anything that you want to about each prophet. (how long before Christ's birth did they prophesy? - printout below the puzzle) Then come hang their piece onto the board.

Junior Primary

I also found this little printout from the Friend. I thought it would be cool to share with the kids how long before Christ's birth they prophesied that he would be born. And a cool little coloring page for Junior Primary.

(right click-save)

Another idea for Junior Primary or Senior Primary:

Bring a Nativity set and on the bottom of each pieces from the Nativity tape a piece of paper with the name of a Christmas song or a question about Christmas on it. Here's some questions:
1)What city did Mary and Joseph go to for Jesus to be born? (Bethlehem -Luke 2: 4-6)
2) In the stable after Jesus was born where did Mary lay him down? (Manger - Luke 2:7)
3) What happened to the shepherds who were watching their flocks? (An angel came and declared glad tidings Luke 2:8-10)
4) What did the heavenly hosts tell the shepherds? (Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men- Luke 2:13-14)
5) Who did the wise men visit before finding Jesus? (King Herod- Matthew 2:1-3)
6) What gifts did the wise men bring? (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh- Matthew 2:11)
7) Why didn't the wise men go back to see King Herod? ( They were told not to in a dream- Matthew 2:12)
8) What was Joseph told to do after the Wise Men came? (Flee to Egypt because King Herod would try to kill Jesus- Matthew 2:13)
9) What happened the children near Bethlehem who were 2 years old and under when King Herod found out the Wise men weren't coming? (They were killed- Matthew 2:16)

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