Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sponsor: Daily Nutrition Review

I'm a touch biased for this new website because my sister-in-law is one of the owners/writers, but I love reading about health stuff and I figure others would too, so... introducing.... Daily Nutrition Review!

Daily Nutrition Review is a new website created to help inform people about nutrition news. The site offers non-biased articles and reviews of nutrition news and research by its team of nutrition and sports professionals. The site also provides useful knowledge and tips about common foods, supplements, vitamins, and nutrients. They even list super foods which reveal the added benefits of common foods.
Daily Nutrition Review logo
The site will be covering a wide variety of nutritional information and health concerns, including childhood nutrition, aging, women's health and pregnancy, sports and exercise, and dietary associated ailments such as heart disease and obesity.
Join in the website community where you can share comments and ask questions in the forum and even join or start a group with common nutritional interests or health challenges. The professional staff is always excited to hear from its readers. Feel free to comment on articles and suggest new topics.
Omega-3 in Children is Associated with Cognitive Performance 
and Behavior Omega-3 in Children is Associated with Cognitive Performance and Behavior
The majority of children do not like fish oil; interestingly, fish oil is one of the most important nutrients necessary for achieving good grades at elementary school. A study of school children has shown that omega-3 may play a valuable role in cognitive performance. Surprisingly, not only were children shown to have… Continue Reading at
Maternal “junk food” Eating may Set Baby’s Food Preferences Maternal “junk food” Eating may Set Baby’s Food Preferences
It is known that the periods during pregnancy and lactation are especially important for baby’s prenatal and postnatal development. But could the pregnancy meals be important for baby’s postnatal food preferences? To answer this question, Z.Y.Ong and B.S. Muhlhausler conducted a study at the University of South Australia.... Continue Reading
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